Soil Erosion Products in Edson, Alberta

Erosion control products are used in construction projects to prevent soil erosion and to help promote regeneration of ground cover.


Erosion control encompasses a wide variety of products, from ditch barriers, to silt fence and erosion control blankets, Branch Corner Supply has you covered!

Silt Fence

  • Designed to prevent the release of silt from a construction site.
  • Typically supplied as rolls of permeable fabric stapled to wooden posts.
  • Installed along landscape contours to collect and/or filter sediment from sheet flow runoff.

Erosion Control Blankets

  • Made from straw, both straw and coconut (coir) or coconut fibres which are bound together with photodegradable or biodegradable or UV stabilized polypropylene netting
  • Cost effective means of establishing vegetation where steep slopes or high erosion conditions exist. Once the vegetative cover is established, the ECB bio-degrades into mulch.

Also serving Fox Creek, Whitecourt, Hinton and the Surrounding Areas

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Permeable fabrics used to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, drain

Erosion Control

Used in construction projects to prevent soil erosion

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Corrugated steel pipe in all diameters and lengths

Quad Access Mats

Exclusive to Branch Corner Supply, and patented

Survey Stakes

Control of alignment and grade during construction

Rough Planks

Green (not kiln dried) lumber that is sawn but not planed


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